1. Archer

    Came this far

    Hello guys! So I want to share my journey to the hobby about my first planted tank. At the moment, I am waiting for the delivery of my aquarium items. How I came about the things I purchase boils to the issue of space. I live in Hong Kong and as you know, flats and rooms here are practically...
  2. Norfisk

    Easy aquascapes with a great "wow effect"

    This is my first post on this forum and I'd like to say hello to all ;) I have a Dennerle 30 L Nano cube and I'm saving money to buy a ADA 60P tank. I don't have much experience with Japanese style aquascaping but I'd like to have an aquarium with a certain "wow effect". Are there examples of...
  3. Daz2162

    Beginners aquascape

    Hello everyone, After reading a few journals on here and everyone sort of asking for more journals to be made, especially new tanks etc I thought id share my story and progress! Im going to generalise the last year or so and get into more detail when the journal becomes more recent It all...