1. G

    Plants for a cardinal tetra biotope.

    Hi, Hope this is posted in the right section. I'm thinking of converting my 180 litre tank into a cardinal tetra biotope. Can anyone recommend any plants that are found where cardinal tetras are? I am going to use Indian almond leaves to tan the water and also in an attempt to lower my PH of...
  2. Gaina

    New Fluval Roma 125

    I set up my new aquarium this week (Fluval Roma LED 125) and placed a few plants from my old aquarium in there along with some hardscape just to get a sense of perspective whilst I decide what I'm going to do with it. My aim is to create a loose Southeast Asian biotope in a 'jungle' style. I...
  3. Kezzab

    UK cave minnows

    Interesting find yesterday above Rydal Water. Minnows in a cave.
  4. Kakarot

    Amazon blackwater biotope lighting 150L

    Hey all, I'm going to be setting up an Amazon blackwater biotope and was just curious if anyone has done a similar setup, I want the light to be focused in the centre of the aquarium with shaded/darker areas at both ends. I still need to build a double aquarium stand so it's going to be a few...
  5. Manu

    Plants from Borneo

    Hi everybody, I'm setting up a Borneo biotope and I'm making the plant list for it. Beside cryptocoryne, ferns, mosses and bucephalandra, is there any other plants that originate from Borneo? I've looked on Google but I could not find a list of aquatic or semi aquatic plants. Thanks for your help!
  6. Chris Jackson

    The Lazy Asian Biotope

    Hello, Lazy revamp time for a very old 4x2x2 tank. It may seem strange but I have not done a full re-scape with new substrate in well over ten years...! In 2003 it was like this.. For IAPLC 2006 I got a pleasing #299th for this.. Since then it's waxed and waned in different forms...
  7. Chris Jackson

    Rosy Barb biotope

    Hi, I have 120x60x60 tank that has been running for many years and is currently inhabitied by around 25 Rosy barbs most of which have probably been bred in this tank. It's been running in a somewhat neglected low tech state for the last year and whilst I quite like the lot less than perfect...
  8. A

    South American Flowering Plants?

    Hi, I have a 240l SA biotope which has an array of Amazon Sword species. I am ordering some Vallisneria and Hemianthus Callitrichoides but I have been searching for flowering SA plants. Are there any good suggestions? Regards, Alfie
  9. R

    Amazon biotope

    I'm setting up a amazon biotope and I'm looking for plants I can have in it. It's going to be a dirted tank with no co2 and it's going to be my first dirted tank and the first tank I've done that's going to be properly planted with more than hopefully 3 different kinds of plants any help or...
  10. Aquascape Croatia

    One of a kind Aquaristic and Terraristic show in Europe - AkTer FEST

    Hi! Today I want to present you one unique exhibition, now taking place for 10th year in Croatia - AkTer Fest! AkTer Fest 2014 is taking place 1.-5. October 2014. Zagreb. We are preparing few contests where everyone from Europe can take part. Ill write about it later.. For now, let me explain...
  11. Nathaniel Whiteside

    Biotope Fauna/Flora Lists

    Hello guys, Im currently looking into a biotope setup. I need to source some lists on Flora and Fauna from Borneo / Sumatra in particular. Would anyone please be able to offer me guidance on finding such information? Any Expedition sites worth a look? Thanks, N