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  1. Gill

    Koopas Kingdom

    So I Set the tartarium up and scaped it etc. And once done, I had a change of heart and decided to get some Musk Turtles instead. I will set up the BW/SW tank another day. Tank: Ciano Tartarium 40 - Did not use the Dock, just the white bracket to rest the light unit on. Lighting: Fluval 2...
  2. bettaguy

    When the buce pokes up and out

    Absolutely my favourite picture of my buce! Especially Because of the angry betta in the bottom right hahaha
  3. bettaguy

    My favourite shrimp are simple cherry shrimp!

    My all time favourite shrimp is the simple cherry shrimp!
  4. Kalum

    Buce propagation project

    So my rough and ready quarantine tank has been sitting staring at me and my buce obsession finally got the better of me (just won over my want for another koi betta). The aim with this is solely to grow bucephalandra as well as I possibly can within this tank Tank is an aqua one betta trio...
  5. Kalum

    Buce Drift - now 11 buce varieties strong

    So my learning curve continues a year in and i'm re-scaping my main tank. I'm starting to find out what i do and don't like and learned a lot about composition from my smaller 45P tank which i love and looking back at how this tank started out. Made a lot of mistakes along the way but it's all...
  6. oscarlloydjohn

    H2O2 dip recipe

    Anyone have a recipe for a Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O2 dip? I want to kill some Cladophora that I got in on a Buce recently. There seems to be a lot of contrasting info out there! Cheers
  7. oscarlloydjohn

    Safe bleach for bleach dip

    I realise a Potassium Permanganate dip or H2O2 dip would be safer for my Buce but I don't have any on hand and H2O2 is really hard to get in the UK. What kind of bleach do you guys use for bleach dips? I was thinking Tesco or Asda basic value bleach. I saw George Farmer use the Tesco value...
  8. MrHidley

    James' 4ft Rainbow Refuge

    Hi all, A relative was going to bin this tank, so I took it on. Didn't want to spend too much money so built the stand out of concrete blocks and plywood. The sides and back were painted black apart from one chunk of the back pane for some reason, so I decided to paint that bit myself rather...
  9. tmiravent


    Hi, i'll star a new journal for my medium tank, the place for my bucephalandras! Here is the setup: Date: 12 Setembro 2015 Tank: 96L [80x30x40 Vidromoldura] Cabinet: DIY [carvalho] [White colver by bracaman] + metalic structure by vidromoldura Light: LED DIY [48W 8 x 6W . 40000 lumen . 6000ºK...