calcium nitrate

  1. Paks

    EI Mixture Help

    So I finally got a source of nitrate from Calcium Nitrate from a product of YaraLiva Tropicote: Calcium(CaO) 26.03% Nitrogen 15.5% (14.4% nitrate & 1.1 ammonium) Potassium Sulfate and Magnesium Sulfate. So i need someone to make me a mixture for my 2gal tank and i want the solution in 500ml...
  2. Zak Rafik

    How much Calcium Nitrate to substitute for Potassium Nitrate for a planted high-light tank?

    Hi everyone, I’m going to start EI fertilization for my 40 days old planted tank (255 litres / 67 US gallons) very soon. It’s a highlight with injected Co2 setup. Currently I’m dosing with ADA’s Brighty K and Brighty Step 1. But after I read about the immense benefits of EI dosing, I got...