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chlorella vulgaris

  1. L

    HOW TO: Clean, easy and highly nutritious greenwater culture for Daphnia and Moina.

    Recently I asked on here whether anybody had experience cultivating the green algae Chlorella vulgaris in freshwater for use in feeding Moina macrocopa cultures. The species is often used in saltwater phytoplankton systems, and is the preferred food for industrial scale Daphnia and Moina...
  2. J

    Chlorella vulgaris tank design help - newbie

    Hello, I'm new to aquatic plants and would like to culture some Chlorella vulgaris. I have an old fish tank that I wish to use, with lid and light. I was wondering, does the tank need to be air tight for optimum growth? The lid has a few prefabricated holes for wires to run through, would I...