cloudy water

  1. chris_cotton23

    CLOUDY WATER!!help please...Algae bloom or bacteria bloom?

    hello to everyone guys!if you could help with that problem would be fantastic please!! the last 2 weeks my 5 feet tank(300 litres ish) is cloudy!i am trying to understand if is green or white but it looks to be white on the top and green at the bottom... i tried to do some research but i...
  2. J

    Hard water cloudiness.

    Hi everyone. Lets see, in my tank when I fill it up with tap water, after a couple of days it goes cloudy. I live in a very hard water area, Salisbury (wiltshire, UK). I believe the KH might be around 16 or more. So I was wondering if more people suffer from this. Cause I could keep fish in...