1. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 80 - Step-by-step video

    Hi all This is my first attempt at a step-by-step video. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  2. George Farmer

    Journal My best low-tech 'scape so far

    Hi all, I thought I'd post a quick photo of my Superfish Expert 70. No CO2 or liquid carbon. Occasional ferts (Colombo Pro) and Colombo Pro Soil. Internal filter and It hasn't had a water change in 3 months. Plants are mostly crypts, buces, Rotata and some Anubias, Cyperus. Incredibly low...
  3. Aqua Essentials

    Complete Substrates ON SALE

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  4. Aqua Essentials

    Who loves root tabs?

    If you do, then these might be of interest. Colombo Flora Grow Fe root tabs. Pop them into the base of your hungry plant, and watch the results