1. Aquascape Croatia

    One of a kind Aquaristic and Terraristic show in Europe - AkTer FEST

    Hi! Today I want to present you one unique exhibition, now taking place for 10th year in Croatia - AkTer Fest! AkTer Fest 2014 is taking place 1.-5. October 2014. Zagreb. We are preparing few contests where everyone from Europe can take part. Ill write about it later.. For now, let me explain...
  2. Ivan Lugovic

    HAS Contest 2014

    Hello everybody, just like last 2 years: HAS Contest 2012 (link) HAS Contest 2013 (link) we held aquascaping contest at our croatian aquascaping site Our Contest is special because contestants had a task to keep aquascape journal for three months (not just the final...