1. Kitbag

    Dimming a Twinstar 450e?

    Im likely to buy the 45cm wide Dennerle Aquascaper as my first planted. It will be in the lounge, so dimming may be important sometimes if someone is sitting nearby (I presume). At the moment I may either go for the Twinstar 450e or the Chihiros Aquasky 45cm Double. If I go for the...
  2. Chris Jackson

    LED Dimmer solution - BUT

    UPDATE - WARNING - These units are working fine for me but they could damage the Aquasky power supplies so you take your chances! Read the thread for more details. Hi All, I thought I'd post this to help anyone looking for an easy LED dimming solution and particularly ideal for the ADA Aquasky...
  3. Trevor Pleco

    Help needed with new ATI lights ?

    Hi All, registered on this great site some time back, but have not posted.. just been exploiting your expertise and admiring :) . I've had some teething problems with my new ATI Sunpower Dimm 80w unit, as detailed in this other forum thread -...