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dirted tank

  1. shlim

    Could someone link me an organic soil with any kind of compost in it?

    I was going to get miracle gro organic choice potting mix but it seems like it has been discontinued so I'm looking for an alternative. It would be very useful if you could provide a link to the product. Thank you!
  2. 1

    First Planted Tank, Tannins in Soil?

    Hi guys I am currently setting up my first dirted tank. I have had tropical fish for a few years, then for the last 6 years I have only had a marine aquarium. The size of the tanks have grown steadily and the tank I am setting up now is 6 x 2 x 2.5. It has a 5 foot sump where I have added 30kg...
  3. Akwaskape

    Weeping Meadow

    Hello in this journal I plan to document a scape of a weeping moss terrain featuring a barclaya longifolia. That's the plan anyway! Im using a Juwel Rekord 700 a 70ltr aquarium with a 24x12 inch footprint. The filter and hood have been removed and the sides and back have been spray painted...
  4. Akwaskape

    Cryptocoryne Parva Carpet

    Thought I'd post up a picture of my Parva Carpet, its about 2 years old and going stronger than ever.
  5. R

    Amazon biotope

    I'm setting up a amazon biotope and I'm looking for plants I can have in it. It's going to be a dirted tank with no co2 and it's going to be my first dirted tank and the first tank I've done that's going to be properly planted with more than hopefully 3 different kinds of plants any help or...