dirted tank

  1. 1

    First Planted Tank, Tannins in Soil?

    Hi guys I am currently setting up my first dirted tank. I have had tropical fish for a few years, then for the last 6 years I have only had a marine aquarium. The size of the tanks have grown steadily and the tank I am setting up now is 6 x 2 x 2.5. It has a 5 foot sump where I have added 30kg...
  2. Akwaskape

    Weeping Meadow

    Hello in this journal I plan to document a scape of a weeping moss terrain featuring a barclaya longifolia. That's the plan anyway! Im using a Juwel Rekord 700 a 70ltr aquarium with a 24x12 inch footprint. The filter and hood have been removed and the sides and back have been spray painted...
  3. Akwaskape

    Cryptocoryne Parva Carpet

    Thought I'd post up a picture of my Parva Carpet, its about 2 years old and going stronger than ever.
  4. R

    Amazon biotope

    I'm setting up a amazon biotope and I'm looking for plants I can have in it. It's going to be a dirted tank with no co2 and it's going to be my first dirted tank and the first tank I've done that's going to be properly planted with more than hopefully 3 different kinds of plants any help or...