1. S

    Betta - Slime coat damage or something else?

    Hi, My betta has some white slime on his back and under mouth. I am not sure if it's slime coat damage or something else. Any thoughts? Tank is fully cycled. Photos Water parameters: TDS 200 ppm PH 7 GH 6 dGH NO3 10ppm NO2 0 25 °C / 77 F I am dosing liquid CO2 every day (can be an issue?)...
  2. Aqua Hero

    White spot on german ram

    i bought a new german ram for a pet store. he was active and the most dominate in the tank so i decided to take him. i decided to quarantine it for a while and i noticed 3 small white spots on the fish. im guessing it has white spot. the temperature is 86F and i have already done a 50% water...
  3. Manuel Arias

    Serious problem with a new plated aquarium

    Dear all, First of all, thank you very much for all your comments and support. Even before signing up to this forum, I have been reading you, as many nice advices and comments are found here, so good work done by all of you. I am new in terms of planted aquariums as this is the first tank of...
  4. Ted

    Many fish illnesses in a short period of time

    Hi guys, Hoping for your diagnostic help. I'm trying to understand what I have on my hands. Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, Environmental (e.g. toxin)? I don't think it's water quality. In the last week, I've had the following fish deaths: 1) Glass catfish, ich and death 2) Betta albimarginata...