external filter

  1. Goose157

    Slowly up-grading question?

    Hi All, I am slowly upgrading my one tank set up ! Lol....(very long term plan to buy all the kit) My 90l co2 tank has come on massively in a few weeks since reading articles and info on this forum thanks But I really want a new tank to set up from scratch, as the exsisting tank is home to my...
  2. Aqua Hero

    Has anyone bought a filter from www.bitiba.co.uk

    i want to buy a new filter but i have never used this site before. i wanted to know if anyone has used it and could tell me if its safe. www.bitiba.co.uk
  3. Insectkiller2005

    Up Inline diffuser

    Hi has anyone tried to put the diffuser on the inlet of the external filter and if so how has it worked out for you ?
  4. Aqua Essentials

    More lovely filters

    We've expanded the range of the Eden filters, and you can see them all here External Filters | Buy External Filters Online
  5. ale36

    35L Arcadia Arc External Filter Recomendation

    Hello I have a 35L Arcadia Arc tank that where i currently have an under gravel filter, i want to change this for a couple of reasons: 1- I get too much evaporation from the air stone 2- I want to have a better substrate to plant this tank so can any one recommend me an external filter that...