first aquascape

  1. MattT34

    My first Aquascape

    Hi All I'm Matt and I'm new here and relatively new to Aquascaping so be kind 🤣 This is my first major Aquascape, I had a small planted tank years ago but you couldn't really call it Aquascaping. Tank specs, Fluval Roma 240 (walnut cabinet) Fluval 307 filter + biomaster thermo 600 Light...
  2. Delirious

    Rock only autumn theme 55L Dennerle

    Well this is an extremely late journal! I started this scape in September but am only now sharing this journal with all of you :facepalm: Setup So where do I start.... I bought this 55L Dennele off of Geoff a little while ago. The whole settup has a 250 Oase thermo filter, 450E Twinstar light...