fluval studio 900

  1. Ady34

    Fluval Studio 900...'Dragons Crypt' Journal finished.

    Hello one and all, after spending many an hour reading and viewing some of the huge number of exceptional planted tank journals on the ukaps forum, i thought it about time i shared my 1st attempt at an aquascape. Having kept fish for about 15 years ive always been in...
  2. Ady34

    Fluval Studio 900. 'Coastal Erosion' Journal Finished.

    Hello again, after learning many lessons (some of them harsh) from the 1 year 'Dragons Crypt' journal, ive started a new scape and thought id share it with you all again. Although my first planted venture has been a great learning experience i still feel there is much to learn, so will be hoping...
  3. Ady34

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Hello, following straight on from the brief 'Coastal Erosion' journal, i thought id better begin a new journal for the rescape. After considering a hardscape only set up :eh: .... i came to my senses, and used the plants from coastal erosion to start the tank off. These needed adding to and...