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  1. M

    Ei method soft water?

    Hello everyone, friends. I have a question on my mind for a long time. 1st question = Does the ei method work in very soft water with 0 Kh - 3 Gh? Or will the ei fertilizer rates be too high? Have you tried the ei method in soft water before? If yes, can you share the tank pictures...
  2. M

    Gh booster 60 ppm K

    Hello to everyone. I use seachem equilibrium gh as a booster. There are two issues that bother me about this. I will be glad if you help. I am completing gh 5 using 1-seachem equilibrium. But when completed to gh 5 it adds 60 ppm of potassium. Is that 60 ppm potassium a high amount? Will it...
  3. M

    150 ppm co2?

    Hello to everyone. Friends, my tank is kh 4- gh-6 My pH is 5.8 although kh is high Is this normal? I think the CO2 is around 150 ppm. There are no fish or other creatures in the aquarium. There are only plants. I've tested my testers many times and there's no margin for error. Calibrations...
  4. M

    About making liquid gh booster

    hello all friends Friends, I want to make liquid gh booster. I have 20 liter buckets. They are waiting until the next water change. I want to make liquid gh booster and add it to these buckets. That's why I want to prevent calcium magnesium accumulation when I add it to the aquarium...
  5. Christoffer

    Can Cory live in my water?

    Hi, i just a week ago 7 guppys, and next time I shall have fish, I'm going for some Corydoras paleatus - Pepper Cory, what is my water to Hash ? Water: Kh : 12 GH : 14 Ph 8 Ammonia : 0 Nitrit : 0 Nitrat : 18 Temperature: 26 C Tank: 350 liters. Hardscape: Seiryu Rock Roots Moss CO2: No co2...
  6. Ryouku2015

    Ideal Water Parameters

    Hi I have a 240l tank that I have now converted to a high tech planted tank. Ive decided to use RO water and remineralise as my tap water is terrible (about 60-80ppm nitrate and very hard water) and have been deciding on what parameters to aim for and so far ive settled on a pH of 7, GH of 6...
  7. Gaina

    Does Florabase Pro lower Gh?

    Forgive me if this question has been asked elsewhere, I had a look around but couldn't find anything. Does Florabase Pro lower Gh when it 'sets' your PH? I'm on day 7 of my fishless cycle and the pH is steadily dropping towards 6 as indicated on the Florabase packaging (currently 6.4), but my...
  8. Jun Xhu

    General Hardness

    Is it the level of CO2 solubility can affect the GH level?
  9. SalvadorNL

    Should I use RO water

    hello UKAPS, I am a new member an have posted a short introduction in the new members section. In short I am in the process of setting up a hi-tech planted community tank in a Fluval Roma 200.But in the past have always done lo-tech tanks. Now I have a question about the hard water in...