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iron deficiency

  1. Tonalscape

    170L/40g, medium energy, dragonstone + spiderwood, island meadow

    I started posting this journal on two other sites and later decided to focus my time on ukaps. This is a full recap, rewrite, and up-to-the-minute report. Let's start with constraints. I decided on a "40 Gallon Breeder", ie. 95x45x40cm, and got a stand with only a small storage cupboard and...
  2. Tonalscape

    Type of iron chelate in Tropica fertilizer

    I had signs of iron deficiency and I reviewed the recent thread on types of iron used such as EDDHA, gluconate and DTPA. https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/plant-deficiencies-and-the-fe-experiment.71191/ In my 40 gallon breeder I was dosing 3mL of Tropica Specialized per day. I added 1mL of...