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lighting for planted tank

  1. D

    4ft X 1ft X 1.5ft light recommendation

    Dear all, This is my first post, although I have lurked on this forum many times for helpful advice and inspiration. I have a tank in my classroom and the lighting unit has stopped working. It was a Hagen t5 unit which I had retrofitted onto an old metal hood, however, the shape of the hood...
  2. Nathanh2150

    Light settings advice

    Hi all I have an automatic light unit which can be set at times and % of light it puts into the aquarium My modes are which I have programmed is 8.00 am (0%) 9.00 am (25%) 10.00 am (50%) 12.00 pm (90%) 14.00 pm (50%) 16.00 pm (30%) 18.00 pm (15%) 22.00 pm (0%) My lighting unit is a twin star...
  3. M

    First Planted Tank - Help with Set up plans

    Hi All - First time poster and about to embark on my first planted tank ever (or any aquarium actually). Want to say a big thank you to all the posters on here as the help/tutorials and amount of detailed research on this forum is amazing and has been invaluable to me as I plan. I've been...
  4. noobscaper

    High-output light for 20" deep tank?

    I want to have a lush jungle-style aquascape in my 240l (120x40x50) tank and am looking for a light that would allow me to do this. My Chihiros A1201 doesn't seem to be doing much good, as my S. repens is really struggling to live, let alone grow, and the other plants (even amazon swords) aren't...
  5. Goose157

    90 litre 18 inch tall lighting?

    Hi all, I am running a 90 litre - co2 fe tank, just swapped my old tubes for a 18 watt led overhead (removed the lid completely).....this is to my eyes way brighter, buy i have no par meter. I dose weekly with a all in one fert. On reading many great articles on here it has made me realise this...
  6. Paul Ellis

    Changing lighting from a fish tank to a planted tank

    Hi my name is Paul Ellis and I've just joined UKAPS. I have a fluval vincenzia 180 litre tank with two 24W flourescents. I'm hoping to turn the tank into a planted tank with some fish and I'm trying to sort out the lighting. My current lighting gives me under 1 watt per gallon and so I'm looking...
  7. T

    Lighting Stands for 90cm tank

    Morning guys, Anyone know of a good quality lighting stand for a 90cm wide tank? Ideally one that grips onto the aquarium glass would be great!
  8. Matt Havens

    Should I invest in more lighting?

    Hi all, so i have a 200L tank from a well known and recognised aquatic retailer. I purchased with it the Fluval Fresh Plant 2.0 LED, around 90CM. Looking through the forums here and i am thinking that this will not be sufficient and therefore looking at adding either a Chihiros RGB-60 as it is...
  9. Dj-damo

    Rio 300 Lighting Combination

    Hi All I have a Juwel Rio 300. I have messed around with planted for a while, had some success and some not. I am planning a rescape on the 14th April, plants and everything have been ordered :) So to the topic!, i currently have 4 x 54w Juwel daylight bulbs running in the tank. My mind is...
  10. AquamaniacUK

    Lighting for a TMC signature 60 (60x45x30)

    Hi I am about to purchase my first signature tank. The tank i am ordering is a TMC signature 60 (60x45x30 cm ) aprox. 80 litres. What i am not sure is about lighting for this tank. So here is the planned setup. Tank : TMC signature 60 (60x45x30 cm ) aprox. 80 litres. Filter: Fluval 305...