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low energy

  1. Courtneybst

    How to adjust GH when topping off? I'm confused!

    Hey everyone, I have a query that I couldn't find an answer for from the search. For the last 6 months I have been keeping a mixed shrimp colony of Neocaridina and Caridina, both happy and breeding. I recently moved them to a slightly bigger, botanical method tank but towards the end of their...
  2. Karmicnull

    The new ice age

    "Look at me; I design coastlines. I got an award for Norway. Where’s the sense in that? None that I’ve been able to make out. I’ve been doing fiords all my life, for a fleeting moment they become fashionable and I get a major award. In this replacement Earth we’re building they’ve given me...
  3. Karmicnull

    Episode 3: A new scape

    A brief history to-date. Won a goldfish in a fair as a child. Put it in one of those round goldfish bowls that every house had back in the eighties. Got a second goldfish at another fair and my stepfather managed to source a sensible sized tank (about 90L). We slapped it on top of the...
  4. Kezzab

    Long soft water crypts?

    Evening All, Looking for suggestions for crypts that will grow up to about 30-40cm ish in low tech, soft water, conditions. For new set up i'm working on. Previously had lowtech success with: Usteriana Costata Wendtii Becketti Moehleni But had low tech failures with: Nevelli Willisi...
  5. George Farmer

    Journal My best low-tech 'scape so far

    Hi all, I thought I'd post a quick photo of my Superfish Expert 70. No CO2 or liquid carbon. Occasional ferts (Colombo Pro) and Colombo Pro Soil. Internal filter and It hasn't had a water change in 3 months. Plants are mostly crypts, buces, Rotata and some Anubias, Cyperus. Incredibly low...
  6. JohnC

    30cm Cube - Dwarf Puffer Tank - New Journal!

    Hi Everyone, It's been years since i've journalled properly here, so as promised here is the first of my new batch. I've been busy as hell with work and moving house 8 months ago (and again a year and a half before that) that i'd had little time or space for bigger in house tanks. Brighid...