#low tech

  1. Karmicnull

    Technically my third tank, I guess

    A brief history to-date. Won a goldfish in a fair as a child. Put it in one of those round goldfish bowls that every house had back in the eighties. Got a second goldfish at another fair and my stepfather managed to source a sensible sized tank (about 90L). We slapped it on top of the...
  2. Boxerbrad

    Planning a low tech on a budget

    Hi so I'm planning a low tech on a budget at the moment. I live in Leeds - Yorkshire and not too far from where I am we have the Moors and Dales with plenty of clean rivers and hills where one might be able to collect some good rock for hardscaping. I was initially looking at grit stone as...
  3. Boxerbrad

    Ideas for an 60x30x45

    Hi everyone, So after about 6 years out of the aquarium hobby I am looking to get back into it. I have my old jewel rekord 70 still in good condition and I'm thinking about getting my hands wet again :) Sadly I'm going to have to make ends meet with the old tank an go low tech due to budget...