1. O

    Urgent help with my plants!

    Hello guys! All my plants seems to have nitrogen defficiency but my api test show nitrates at 40 ppm - 80 ppm if i dont make water change. i have 6 hour of ligth. High ligth with a twinstar 600EA. Co2 is on 2 hours before ligths and turn off at same time of ligth, always hitting a dark green...
  2. Lindy

    Out of Africana - shrimp nano

    Hi, took down the old scape in this 30cm cube as it had been designed with dwarf puffers in mind. Also was itching to do something with all my Co2 stuff as the 54l is now a dedicated shrimp tank so decided to go high tech with the cube. Substrate is ADA Africana(hence journal name) This was...
  3. Dan Crawford

    Groundland - Shallow Aquascape

    Hi Folks, it's bout time you had a journal from me! Well, it's not much of a journal because the aquascape is almost finished but here's the journey so far….. Last year I set up an awful lot of tanks and the lead up to Aquatics Live was a very busy time. Consequently after the show was over I...