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  1. alex08

    Nature's Path

    Following Roots and Grit, Nature's Path will have a more defined hardscape and hopefully i won't let it be covered to much. I managed to get my hands on some more ferns and will also change the lighting and go for led. Equipment : ° Aquarium : home made, 100x55x45cm ° Lighting : 6x39w T5...
  2. CooKieS

    Ada 60P - nature aquarium

    Hi there, long Time no see but I can't leave this Beautiful hobby. I'm actually collecting stuff and thinking about the hardscape of my 2018 tank. Specs- Ada 60p Twinstar 600 led Jbl e901 Inline CO2 2kg Tropica soil powder Chihiros doctor v4 Inox pipes Hardscape: River Wood River Gravel and...
  3. kpdp54

    90P from Norway

    Hello, It took me six months between receiving the tank and setting it up, but here is finally my first aquascape (and aquarium) ever. A short list of the material: - 90x45x45 from TMC - 90x45 TMC cabinet - 2 Radion XR15 Freshwater - EHEIM Pro4 350 - JBL 2kg CO2 bottle - inline diffuser from...
  4. razvaa

    New start - 70x35x40

    After I had american cichlids for 2 years I decidec that I want a planted tank again, so it will be a nature aquarium. I started this setup 2 days ago. some specs Tank - 70x35x40 Lighting - 2x24w 6500k Filter - Tetratec ex 600 CO2 - citric acid and baking soda 1BPS, UP inline atomizer Substrate...
  5. greenink

    'Readymade' aquascapes

    Was flicking through some old photos, and was thinking a thread on 'readymade' aquascapes would be interesting: shots of nature that just look like an aquascape, with the basic proportions of a tank. Here are my best efforts from a while back. (Hope not too familiar to some people on here)...