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  1. _Maq_

    How deep does the dissolved oxygen penetrate?

    Oxygen penetrates into sediment's depth from water column. The actual depth of penetration depends primarily on microbial oxygen consumption. Many people believe that oxygen penetrates down to the very bottom of their tanks. Some believe differently. I don't want to open another, potentially...
  2. S

    Air stone?

    Hi All, I have a planted tank (about 7 plants so far) but the fish seem lethargic. My filter gives loads of surface agitation. Do I need an air stone? As when I put my filter to pump bubbles as well the fish seem more lively… I would of thought the plants would of given enough oxygen in the...
  3. dw1305

    A question, dissolved oxygen and a pond

    Hi all, I've been surveying, and doing some water quality work, on some of <"Bristol's pond and rivers"> over the last couple of weeks. I had an interesting one today. I won't tell you the location, or context, but it was a pond and the water sample had a dissolved oxygen level of 180% (~20oC...
  4. mike L

    "Second Hand" Surface Agitation!

    I've ran air-stones at lights out, I've ran them 24/7 with co2 cranked up to compensate. The battle for good oxygen levels without de-gassing co2 always seems to take place at the water surface which recently led me to an idea/experiment. What if I create "another" surface which I can aerate...
  5. Dr Mike Oxgreen

    Rainwater from a butt - de-oxygenated?

    When doing my 50% water change, I use 9 litres of rainwater from my water butt, mixed with 3 litres of unsoftened tap water. This gives me roughly the 3° KH and 6° GH that I'm after, and I can tweak the GH up a bit by adding MgSO₄ solution if necessary. I use Seachem Prime as my dechlorinator...
  6. RolyMo

    Ooooh My First Dedicated Shrimp Nano.

    When I think back a year ago when I first purchased my first ever tank, a Juwel Rio 180, the assistant in the fish shop said about shrimp and that he bet (cheekily) that I would get into it as it was the new thing. At the time, I thought he was mad and I nodded with a smile and moved back to the...
  7. Daz2162

    Oxygen levels?

    Hi guys, Is there a way of testing oxygen levels in the water. Ive got co2 running and my drop checker is a good green colour but my fish seem a bit gaspy as of late, cant tell if they're just chilling out or they're struggling to breathe. I have a little bit of water movement bit im not...