1. Victor

    Plants leaves closing too early

    Hi, guys! Finally I have a clue about what's is causing the algae that I'm fighting for many years in my tank. It could be a problem related to photoperiod. My tank photoperiod lasts for 10 hours (2 h of low light at beginning, 6 hours of high light at the middle and 2 h of low light...
  2. michael woods

    Lighting and Co2

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice...I'm running a 64l tank with 2 standard daylight 15w bulbs and 1 15w pro grow t8 bulb (6500 k). I run the pro glow 9-12 and 3-8 whilst the two daylight bulbs run 10-12 and 3-7...little siesta during the day and smallish photoperiod as I...