1. M

    Karlie flamingo.

    Hi I have a question about the gravel above. Has anybody had experience of this gravel with shrimps and snails. Only I feel sure it's killing mine I have checked nitrite and nitrate and pH. And all I can think of is the gravel ( black) it's common to both my aqariums where I have lost shrimps...
  2. Matt Havens

    Small Wabi Kusa

    Hi all, Some pictures from my most recent attempt at a small WK.
  3. Smells Fishy

    New 200L Tank Pictures: From Start To Finish.

    I needed help carrying that up 3 flights of stairs it was super heavy. Its the biggest tank I've ever owned. I started off with a 60L then went up to 2 100L's and now I have graduated this. It was a mission just getting the wrapping off. It was hard getting the cardboard off aswell. This...
  4. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Some Images not showing.

    Is this an issue with old posts having some code in that's not accepted? Some pictures I see some just have a small box with "IMG" in it. People are answering these posts though as if they can see the image but they could be pre new forum.