1. Hanuman

    PPM levels

    Hello, I have been wondering for some time if there is a level of ppm that shouldn't be reached or that is too high. I have been seeing for the last couple of months levels of up to 280ppm in my main tank and I am wondering if that is ok. I dose EI so obviously that's the reason. Thank you.
  2. KipperSarnie

    Reverse Osmosis unit?

    New to modern Aquatics, a little knowledge is dangerous, I purchased a 4 stage RO unit, not happy with the flow I added another RO chamber that filtered the cleaning water from the first chamber, this reduced my waste water & upped the delivery of RO water. So now I have a 5 chamber unit: (1)...
  3. Solex

    Another PH/KH/Co2 ppm Profile question

    LED lights are on for 9 hours at maximum 40% of their capacity. KH color test (with a Sera drop set), color change at the 7th and sometimes 6th drop, tap water is at the 8th. Water temperature 22.5-23C. These drop tests are not very accurate!! PH (Sera drop test set) 08:00 >7 14-21 ppm (KH7...
  4. John P Coates

    Why do we aim for 30 ppm CO2?

    Hi folks, I get the impression that 30ppm is the target CO2 concentration in planted aquaria. If what I say is correct, why is 30 ppm CO2 considered optimum? Looking at the Tropica aquatic plants website, I see that many, if not most, plants are happy with less than 15ppm. That being so, I am...