1. jaypeecee

    (Free) Lighting Tool

    Hi Folks, I'd like to suggest an easy way to get an idea of the RGB balance and colour temperature of aquarium lighting. It may even suggest the dominant wavelength of the light being emitted from your lighting. All that's needed is a white piece of paper and one of many phone apps that are...
  2. Shinobi

    60p - Agent Orange AKA 'Roof on Fire'

    Hello Ukaps! After the teardown of my last tank "Reach Out" I finally got around to set up this new one - and to try a different style for now. Tank and Equipment: ADA 60p ADA Solar RGB (with shade) Atledis suspension kit DIY ADA-style Wood Cabinet In- and outflow lily's from Cal Aqua Laps...
  3. Shinobi

    Calling all Twinstar light users!

    Hey Ukaps. I'm considering changing my chihiros A-series plus for a RGB light for some nicer color renditions. Would like to hear some first-hand impressions of the Twinstar light pros and cons - and whether you guys think it will be sufficient for keeping a HC carpet Etc. in a 60p Other...