1. algae_connoisseur

    Tank prices

    Hi, I was wondering what sort of price I would pay for a 800x400x400mm tank with10mm Optiwhite glass, rimless and braceless, with polished edges? Any ideas and opinions would be much appriciated Cheers
  2. Goose157

    Slowly up-grading question?

    Hi All, I am slowly upgrading my one tank set up ! Lol....(very long term plan to buy all the kit) My 90l co2 tank has come on massively in a few weeks since reading articles and info on this forum thanks But I really want a new tank to set up from scratch, as the exsisting tank is home to my...
  3. williak

    Green Shallows... 80g/300L rimless frag/shallow

    This aquarium build was began in mid 2017. It may seem like I'm playing catchup in these first few posts :) (My initial posts keep getting flagged as spam, trying to post so many links to catch the journal up to current. I will have to do multiple small posts to get back up to current date :) )...