rio 400

  1. A Bull With Yogurts

    LED lighting for Juwel Rio 400

    Hi all, The old T8 unit in my Rio 400 died tonight. Pretty sure I heard the ballast fizz out when I switched it on. I've doubled checked everything else (socket, fuse, switch, bulbs) just in case but they are all fine. As a result I'm pretty sure the ballast has given up the ghost. I'm not...
  2. Mark D

    Rio 400 upgrade and refurb project

    So the time has most come to start the refurb and upgrade on the Rio 400. 4 years ago it looked like this: However today it looks like this: I had been considering a refurb and upgrade for some time, but recent equipment failures have moved things along (first a heater failed on and cooked...
  3. Mark D

    CO2 Kit Recomendation

    I am currently upgrading my Rio 400 tanks (400l model, currently with 4x 54W T5 lights). I currently dose with Easy-life ferts (including EasyCarbo) For a 2nd phase of this upgrade I am looking into new lighting and a CO2 system to make increase the planting. For new lighting I am looking at...