1. bettaguy

    Tiny anubias wabikusa in a glass dome

    You could argue it’s a terrarium because of the dome I guess. It’ll always be a wabikusa to me haha: it’s my favourite because it’s so simple and the rock has so much detail! I believe it’s a anubias nana and the rock is elephant skin rock.
  2. Glenda Steel

    Hardscape stone and hard water

    I am hoping to use rock for the first time in an aquascape and wanted some advise please. We are in an area of the UK which has exceptionally hard water (according to the local waterboard my postcode has a reading of 324ppm, a GH of 18.4 and a high ph of 7.35) is there a stone that won't raise...
  3. AKD594

    Hardscape - Wood and rocks - when do and don't they work

    Planning a 'scape. Just curious about hardscape - particularly the use of wood and rocks together. I've always been more a fan of wood and have read in some places that you are better of using one or the other. However I've seen the combination work well in numerous tanks. My questions are...
  4. AKD594

    Lava Rock as Hardscape - How much does it really affect water quality?

    Hi All Just a quick question regarding Lava Rock as hardscape. I've read in numerous places that lava rock acts as a great area for colonising denitrifying bacteria and thus will improve water quality. . Just wanted to ask you guys if (from your experience) you have found this to be true. The...
  5. Lauris

    2 stones of Rock

    So... Retired my 30L Dwarf Pass Replaced it with 60L tank Did not much of work on scape. Just crammed in 2 big rocks and tree The plan relays more on the Dwarf grass growing thick and form main look of the scape cutting it when I will get there. Also I hope it will form nicely itself as there...
  6. Daz2162

    Beginners aquascape

    Hello everyone, After reading a few journals on here and everyone sort of asking for more journals to be made, especially new tanks etc I thought id share my story and progress! Im going to generalise the last year or so and get into more detail when the journal becomes more recent It all...