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  1. Sara_Notfors

    70L tank - stocking advice

    Hi all, I’ve been running my 70L tank for about 9 months now (first aquarium as an adult!) and have 9 black neon tetras, 2 rummy nosed tetras and two Otocinclus. It’s well planted and I have bog wood (light brown water), and running an aqua one cf1000. I’ve been having issues with the rummy...
  2. HannahFergusonFan

    Tankmate suggestions for Rummynose tetras

    Hello I have a 29G tank heavily planted, I am looking for a Tank mates more like a center piece fish with my 15 Rummynose tetras I planned to get discus but they are quite large, betta fish always stays top and too mainstream. all sugestions are welcome. I might end up buying 2-3 Small Discuss...