twinstar nano

  1. Brian Murphy

    Where to buy Twinstar in uk?

    Where has in stock twinstar nano2 for 300 litre plus?
  2. Lauris

    Colisia Vallem (90L)

    Hoi! New project on the way. Will start just with a bit of tech Tank: Optiwhite 6mm, clear seal, (LxHxW) 60x40x40cm, approx90L Light: 2xT5 28w with 1xLED Beamswork 1k Lumens (DIY hang-over) Filter: JBL e1501 Heater: Hydor external, 200w, 16mm Bits: all gass (lily pipes, diffusers) CO2...
  3. peke

    Twinstar nano problems

    Hello guys i hope you can help me. My twinstar nano isn't working how it should be, if you watch the video you see that its doesn't create the fine mist till i push it up and down so that those big airbubbles escape en then the device work like its should. When i do that the device works like...
  4. steveno

    My own iwagumi scape

    Hello All, After being a avid follower of every bodies journals and learn so much, I thought it was high time I started a journal myself. I've had a few attempts at putting a scape together in the pass but none have really turned out very well and typically result in me tearing down and...