uk aquascaping

  1. Lola15

    Newbie from East London looking for CO2 and aquascaping advice

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on purchasing a Juwel Lido 200 next week. It will be the first time I've used CO2 and tried to aquascape. Any tips for a beginner? My dad and I have always kept aquariums but this CO2 introduction has made me nervous! If anyone knows a decent place to purchase gas...
  2. Antoni

    GAPLC 2014 resuts are out

    Morning everyone, The results of the GAPLC 2014 are out. Not many UK aquascapers took part, but still, not bad ranking! Here is a link. Congats to everyone who competed! Roy Smith, aka Greenfinger for 5-th place in Wabi Kusa and 56-th place in Nano Category! Tim - 46-th place in Nano...
  3. Joel S

    Early UK Aquascaping

    Came across this amazing old bit of film. (I found it at random while googling to try to find out more about the claim I had just heard on the radio that Winston Churchill had ten aquariums in his study.)