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  1. Zak Rafik

    Is a UV light system necessary in a planted tank?

    Hi guys and ladies,:) I would like to find out from my fellow members if having a UV light is of any benefit in a high light planted tank. In my past experiences with having fish only tank (not planted), my fish would scum to Ich parasite. On hind sight maybe I can could have done things a...
  2. Kyle Lambert

    DIY or not to DIY....

    That is the question.... ive contemplated all sorts of ways i could do a DIY external filter and ive come across a way i think would work for my 60l tank, theres one problem however.... can i be bothered to plan it, source all the parts and then build the bugger? Ive figured i could make one...
  3. Bufo Bill

    PAR and UV

    Quick question: does PAR include UV light, specifically UVA & UVB? Many thanks from Bill. :D
  4. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    For years I have run a Hozelock Titan 5500 with a Bioforce 9000 UV filter. The set up has always worked well for me and helped produce reasonably clear water. A seal failure on the filter has let water into the quartz tube. The tube has gone brown and will not clean and the electronics are...