1. Miss-Pepper

    Planted Windowsill Vase

    I happened on a nice vase in TK Maxx that holds 8 litres so I thought I'd experiment a bit and make something pretty for me to look at in the kitchen! Plan is it'll be unfiltered, unheated and planted up with some nice emergent growth and maybe some riparium style house plants in future. I'd...
  2. techfool

    Is my windowsill vase doomed?

    I started a 6 litre vase a few weeks ago: Light: sunlight only (you know where this is going already) from sitting on a windowsill that gets good morning sun and catches the mid-day sun just cos that is so powerful. Flora: Brazilian Pennywort, Frogbit, Watersprite, Java Fern, Sag. Subulata...
  3. Something Fishy

    Betta Fish in Vase Idea

    Hi guys I know I could post on a Betta forum, but I feel people on this forum have a pretty good understanding of how I think and the planted angle, rather than churning out stats about Betta fish haha. I've been keeping fish for years, marine and tropical on and off, so I'm pretty versed with...