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  1. Nigel95

    Yoghurt method moss - Dry start method - How to grow moss

    Probably some people already know this method.. For the people that don't know it already here is a step by step guide. I really like this method for a natural effect and it saves some money. Enjoy guys! :D How do you attach your moss and why? Example of my forest with this method. details...
  2. C

    Dry start moss problem

    I've just started a new aquascape using the dry start method. I blended moss with water and natural yoghurt and painted it onto my wood. I'm misting the moss with water with fertiliser in and covering the tank with cling film. I'm having to remove the cling film and mist the tank 3, 4 even 5...
  3. Antoni

    The Goias nook - New pics

    Hi guys, its being awhile since I have started this tank but didn't have the time to start a journal till now. Spec: 20 l Boyo nano tank with filter, built in the lid. Light: 13V Energy Saving bulb, 5400K CO2: - pressurised DIY kit - 3bps Substrate: Shirakura Red Bee Sand and white sand...
  4. George Farmer

    George's TMC Signature

    Hi all, I'm really excited to be aquascaping again for the first time since May last year. I have a TMC Signature 60x45x30cm (clear silicone) with gloss white cabinet. I need to cut out a half moon in the cabinet side for the filter hoses because unfortunately they're not pre-cut. I did...