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Thats very beautifuly integrated into the interiour... :clap:
Thank you! I'm still a big fan of open tanks, but after 4 years of an open tank and the misses complaining about the 'hospital light' (she prefers low kelvin light) in the living room in the evening, this was not really an option anymore. I really like the fact that I can have some Aphyosemion now and other jumping fish and I didn't wanted a regular flat top aquarium, so this is the result! I'll see whether I can make a better picture than the phoneshot soon...
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Here a better quality photo:


And the last photo from this scape:


I'll rescape it in the next few weeks. I got a global idea of the hardscape, only need to think about plants. Will need a lot of moss, that is for sure, Anubias, Cryptocoryne and trident fern I'm quite sure of. Some grass like plants in the back like C. retrospiralis or balansae or Cyperus (but the last one usually doesn't do very well in my tanks). And the stems I got no idea yet, maybe Cardamine lyrata or something out of the box.
And off course, I need time to do it (guess it will take at least 2 days).

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