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120 Ohko Fire


22 Sep 2014
Hi everyone!

I started piecing together a new 4ft scape some time ago (think I started in Jan). The tank brand is Fire, hence the name of the thread.

Here's a quick account for what's happened. The last pic is the current state of the build.

Ohko rock


Tank, stand, poles and light


Inspiration pic 1


Inspiration pic 2


How things are currently looking. The structure is supported only by rock. Ignore the twigs, they are going to be removed. I'll have to work out some other method to get some horizontal shapes.

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Hey Dantrasy, any chance of a top down pic? Curious to see how it's positioned front to back.

Any ideas of how to manage flow in this tank?
Thanks for the positive feedback. I think this scape isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. But for me a big (perhaps even the biggest) part of the fun is playing with rocks, I've had a 6ft tank in the past, but it wasn't planted. This 4ft is the biggest I've scaped. I procrastinated for months. First my job got in the way. Then my wife and I did a makeover of our backyard. So I'm glad I'm finally getting somewhere.

My 2ft is currently so overgrown it's embarrassing, Some scaping friends came over last week and I didn't even turn the light on for them.

So I'll take plants from the 2ft and put them in the 4ft. I have a few to pick from: willow moss, flame moss, fissidens, mini pellia, dhg, narrow java, mc and peacock moss.

The next step is adding sand (colorado)
Then soil, which will be fun :)

I also I want to see if I can remove the rocks from the back of the caves (each pillar has a cave), and let light from the back come forward into them. That will mean making a channel from the back of the tank to the back of the caves. perhaps pvc pipe will do the trick?
Hey Dantrasy, any chance of a top down pic? Curious to see how it's positioned front to back.

Any ideas of how to manage flow in this tank?

Yeah, I've been meaning to do that. All the supporting rock behind the scenes would make for a cool pic. I'll do that over the weekend.

If flow becomes an issue (which I'm 99% sure it will) I'll do something.
add 2 or 3 internal diffusers
add tiny circulation pumps at the back of each path aimed forwards. I know you can get tiny ones, about the size of 2 matchboxes
diy a spray bar with holes in the right place
The reason I asked is that I want to copy this. :)

Looking forward to your planting. Would you youghurt it and dry start?
@rebel - Mike suggested the same thing. I'll look for a how-to guide. I don't know what the moss-water-yogurt ratio should be. Perhaps that Rastaman guy has explained his dry start steps. I'd probably do it with fissidens.

@alto - thanks!
I don't know what the moss-water-yogurt ratio should be. Perhaps that Rastaman guy has explained his dry start steps. I'd probably do it with fissidens.
I am not sure either but fissidens would grow so well with that technique. I have ripped some fissidens from a rock and the resultant growth was so spread out and nice. Better than super glue technique that I use.

Do you trim fissidens often to keep it trim? I find it grows unsightly after a while (slow though).
Hi ! Looks like a great project ! Could you please tell me what tank, cabinet, light and light fixture you're using. If I could make a suggestion, or two: central rock structure seems to divide the tank in half; and the left and the right ones seem of equal size; I would make one larger than the other and placing them at different distances from the front glass; James Findley from TGM set up the "Altitude " aquascape; there is a step by step video on their website

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Just thought I'd link this in case it is of any help in regards to the yogurt method. (read through the author's posts as he states some info throughout the thread, such as just letting it dry 4-5 hours then flooding)

Extremely nice scape by the way. I too would advise not adjusting/rescaping anything really, it already looks incredible as it is!
Thanks for the links. I have a good idea what to do now.

@Eduard18 - thanks for your comments. Moving a pillar back isn't really an option, nor is changing their width. I'd like to keep the gaps between them similar (x5 egg crate squares). When seen in the flesh the right pillar is the widest by far, hopefully that will become more apparent in later pics.

The tank is 120x45x45 (FIRE brand), the cabinet is also FIRE (steel frame with glass inserts). FIRE is pretty much a cheaper version of CADE, and CADE is a cheaper version of ADA.

The LED fixture was custom made by makemyled. It has 3 strips of 6000k and 3 strips of RBG. Everything is fully controllable via a TC420 unit, so any colour imaginable could be created at any intensity. The LEDs are not super powerful. At best it's medium light.

I poured in some sand the other day. Next I'll add more small rocks at the base so the pillars look settled in their sand surroundings.


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Rock groupings look unique dimensions to me & I don't see that symmetry in tank division ... hope you leave them as they are :D
Now we are talking. Thanks for posting the top down view! It just can't be appreciated with the FTS. What's the reason for those 4 rocks behind the main pillars??

I can't wait to see how you solve the flow issues on this one. In my mind, it's going to be tricky. But then, with lowish light, perhaps you don't need too much flow.