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anyone seen the 'Ponyo' movie?


10 Mar 2008
I am a fan of a movie producer called Hayao Miyazaki. He makes amazing animes. He has been described as the 'japanese spielberg'

I just wonder if anyone here has checked out his latest offering 'Gake no ue no Ponyo'\Ponyo on the cliff' ?

(The UK cinema release has been picked up by Disney, and will IMO undoubtedly have been ruined by dubbing out the original language.
Think I might try and find a cinema uptown that is showing the japanse release, either that or will just watch the japansese release with some fansubs at home...)
I haven't seen this one, but i have seen most of his others and have a collection of his films on DVD, call me a sentimental soul but i dont think you can beat 'My Neighbour Totoro' :D

Most of the DVD's that have been released in US/Europe by Disney have both the original Japanese (with subtitles) and the american voice over. I always watch the japanese version, but when i sit down with my 9yr old niece its easier to see the US voiceover, and to be honest you quickly look over that and just become captivated by the art of a total genius. To be honest i think its a shame he is compared to spielberg as there is no comparison in my eyes.
I know what you mean about the Spielberg comparison, it felt a bit odd as I was writing it! What I wanted to get across is how well known this guy is in Asia. He is like a household name from what I can gather. I should have just said that instead though :oops:

The guy is a legend to me, his style is so distinctive... whether it be the animation itself, or the beautiful storytelling.

Every film I have watched has had me captivated.

The only thing of his I have watched and not been spellbound by (but still enjoyed) was the TV series future boy conan.