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Aquascaping Thursdays!

Graeme Edwards

21 Jun 2007
Wirral/Chester Cheshire.

Just thought I would share a couple of photos of what is now my usual Thursday routine.

I am now very lucky to be getting paid to do my hobby. 8)
I rolled into work at 9:45 AM, headed for the coffee, put my new kings of Leon album on and got my head down on this 5foot x 5foot x 2.5foot cube - Jungle massive 8) ( Its an all day job ) Me and Jim spoke about how cool it is to chillax with good company, nice music and your hands in an aquascape - What a job!!!
Ive been given the task of getting this beast looking top notch. The hard thing is, its like taking over a painting. Its very hard to put your stamp on it, but I will. Ive already ripped out massive collections of plants, replanted other areas and got some shape and discovery in there.

Getting stuck in!

Check out these mother plants!!! The plant in my right hand is an Echinodorus special red. It had a 3 foot long flower stem! I felt like a jungle man doing the rain dance with these in each hand!

Flame moss in Jim's Optiwhite, really nice moss! ( randome picture )

I couldn't be more jealous. May I suggest Minotaur Shocks albums for scaping too, can't beat it.
What will be happening with all the plants? Also, what do you have in mind for the scape? A vast change or just subtle modification?
OMG are you working at TGM? That's amazing.

Aquascape is looking great, five foot cube must be massive!
Sweet brother! I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts mate, what a task!
note - I didn't see any armbands mate? I wouldn't wanna be falling in there lol

Stue, im there 5 days out of 7 ;) Come and say hello!

Garuf, ill look them up mate, im allways on the lookout for new music. The hardscape will stay the same, but I am sorting out the plants and any isues the tank has. Its got to stay jungle which ive never done before, so its not really that easy.

Thomas, Thats why I call it Jungle Massive! :D

Dan, no arm bands,but I was harnessed to the scafolding with one of those twisty,half turn, double over plonker knots......you know the one!

Well, best be going, got to go to "work"> 8)

good to meet you on Friday graham, nice to put a name to a face although yours is posted on here already! The cube is comign along nicely and for anyone that hasnt visited TGM graham has his work cut out as not only is it a huge tank its also backless because it has to be viewed from all four sides! Not one id fancy taclking!

Thanks for the advice on the stone as well, the dragonstone is going to look good in my 60cm against the acadama, just need my dad to cut one piece in half with his stihl saw :)

Thanks for your scrap plants you'd brought in from home, currently working out where they'll fit in
No worries stue....

Next time you come in, maybe you can talk to me about photography and Mold Photography club, sounds, and looking at your flicker pics, worth being part of!!!

Nice one, cheers.
Graeme Edwards said:
No worries stue....

Next time you come in, maybe you can talk to me about photography and Mold Photography club, sounds, and looking at your flicker pics, worth being part of!!!

Nice one, cheers.
No probs Graham, Dave Spencer is now a regular there too - website is here and the programme for the year is on there too.

Cheers Neil,

It is a cool job. I really tore the pants out of it today. Im trying to get all the messy work out of the way, so that i can start the rebuild clean. Ive added about 100Kg of fossilised wood today too. Im hoping it will be heading towards a decent scape by the ADA visit, fingers crossed.

Ill try and get some pictures up tomorrow, depends if the water has cleard.

Hi Graeme

What water changes do you do after a big 'plant pulling' session?

I always find a re-scape, no matter how minor, causes algae unless I do big water changes.

I wonder if it's such an issue in a huge tank where the environment is so much more stable.