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Are there any great female aquascapers?

George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
I'm on the eighth part of my PFK Great Planted Tanks series.

Whenever I get a spare moment or two, I trawl the various forums for aquascapes that I think would make a good feature for the PFK readers. So far I've had UK, European, Asian, American.... But all male aquascapers.

I know I'm not sexist, but there simply doesn't seem to be many decent female aquascapers out there.

Question 1. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd like to feature a female's aquascape.
Question 2. Why is this hobby so male dominated?
How about Karen Randall, a.k.a. the AGA judge? I've never seen any of her tanks but she seems knowledgeable on design etc.

There was also someone on APC that caught my attention but the name doesn't come to mind... although I'm not sure if it was for her tanks or avatar! :rolleyes:

Can't think of an answer to question 2: I always thought gardening was always a female-dominated thing! (watch me get picked on now!!) Maybe thats just round here though...

Karen's 'scapes aren't rated from what I remember. Steven Chong published a couple on PT after being peeved at a low AGA ranking where she slated him...

I think 'pro' gardening is also male dominated isn't it? That's the impression I got from Neil Hepworth who's heavily involved in the gardening world.
George Farmer said:
I think 'pro' gardening is also male dominated isn't it? That's the impression I got from Neil Hepworth who's heavily involved in the gardening world.

Charlie Dimmock :D
Just IMO,

Blokes seem more happy (generalising wildly :oops: ) with all the widgets/pumps/valves/chemicals/etc etc required to run the tank and without the tank, no scapes!

Gardening again IMO, tends to be;

Flowers, appearance, the whole experience - - - - Female

Giant Veg, huge leeks, competitive lawn issues - -- compost heaps (shed and lots of tools) - Single-focus - Male

HTH :lol: :lol:

Cheers, Mick B
You mean to say my scape isn't good enough ;) Only joking, I would be mortified if anyone suggested publicising any of my testing grounds!

I think it's because most women end up doing other things, something as time consuming as planted tanks means there's several other hobbies you don't have time (or money) for.

Honestly though, I don't know, as a female who's spent most of her adult life in male dominated environments my perspective is probably skewed. (I have a house share at the moment and the 2 tool boxes in the house are owned by the 2 girls, the 3 blokes only have techy tools.. not a hammer or a hacksaw to their names!)
I think you'll find most males do it to show off their prowess to others, whereas women will do it primarily for their own pleasure. Same as many things... Hence why you find a lot of males in forums showing off their tanks, cars, woodworking skills, computer skill, etc, etc, etc...
Too busy washing their hair and applying a bit of slap....

*waits for the barrage of 'sexist pig' comments*


Think it's exactly what bugs said, us blokes just like showing off and this seems like its just another niche market for us to stroke our ego's.

Good ain't it. hehe
What about "waterfaller1" over on Planted tanks, her pair of cubes are pretty neat.