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Best reg?

I third the choice for lunapet.
Variable working pressure.
I have one after recommendation from Alastair and I love it.
The guy at Lunapet is a fantastic bloke to deal with too.
I recently sold my spare and wish I had kept it as a backup now but it only takes 36 hours to get one over form Germany.

Dont forget to buy the solenoid too
I grabbed a dual stage reg online for £35 so just need the needle valve and solenoid. But it will be very reliable. No risk of EOTD. I'd recommend going DIY for the best ;) take a look at a boc8500 co2 regulator. Looks pretty and with some swagelok fittings and a Burkett solenoid, you'd have the best reg you would ever need. Searching the web is the best way to get a good regulator. Once you know what to look for and how the measure the fittings anything is possible. You could buy an UP regulator for disposables and add a solenoid. Instant nano co2 for under £30.
Thanks for the ideas guys, I already own 5 regs, one Dupla model is over 25 years old & still working!
I have a more modern Dupla model too, that has been in service for about 7 years.
I like quality gear so £120 sounds reasonable to me - any more ideas....?
A reg as good as the 8500 series deserves a decent low pressure needle valve but I have'nt found anything yet! :? :lol:
Has anyone used the aqua essentials dual gauge reg? It has the solenoid and needle valve all built in for £89.99. It's the one I am looking at getting as I don't know much about setting up a reg them adding solenoid and needle valve

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