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Cannot rid of ammonia.


15 Aug 2008
Hi, i have a 20g tank that has been running for about 8 months now, and i recently planted and got new lights and co2

Since doing so, i have lost a large amount of fish due to ammonia in my water! i have no idea what is causing it.
I have also started getting what looks like algae on the bottoms of the plants stems (hairy white stuff)

I am now left with 4 neon tetra.

20g tank
fluval 305
pressurized co2 (30ppm)
5ml TPN+ daily
4 neon tetra
What substrate have you got and what water changes are you doing? How much are you feeding? Have you recently replaced the filter?

Basically stop dosing TPN+ (it does contain tiny amounts of ammonia that the plants will usually use in no time at all I believe), stop feeding and do 50% daily water changes until the ammonia stops registering. Once you have the ammonia down to zero then reduce the water changes to every other day, then if that's ok after a week then every three or four days and so on until you're back down to weekly 50% water changes. If you haven't replaced the filter then it seems that somehow it hasn't cycled correctly or has 'crashed' and you need to treat this tank as a new tank for a while.
Its just normal playsand.

Ive been doing waterchanges daily for about 3 weeks, around 50%.
If i stop dosing TPN+ wont by plants start to get defficencies (sp)

also i havent been feeding hardly at all, well ive dropped 3 flakes in once a week or so.
hello I have a 5ft aquarium and just bought a new fx5 with a vecton 600. I woke up this morning to find all my fish floating . The aquarium all ready had a fully mature fx5. I have just done a water change what else can I do ?. Also how many water changes should I do in a day as I don't want to stress my silver shark out as they get very stressful very easy