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Chihiros ac/dc adapter


11 Sep 2010
Manchester, UK
Hi, my ac/dc adapter has started playing up. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to get a 3rd party replacement from the uk?

It says INPUT AC100 - 240v 2.5A 50-60hZ

Output 24v 5a

Crap with this sort of thing!

Hi all,
It says INPUT AC100 - 240v 2.5A 50-60hZ Output 24v 5a
You should be able to find one on Amazon etc.

The only thing you need to know, other than what you have, is what the output terminal looks like, they are usually 2.1mm or 2.5mm (5.5mm barrel) connector, hopefully some-one will know which one it is.

As @Zeus. says it doesn't have to be exactly 5 amp output it can be 5 or more (but not less than 5 amp.)

cheers Darrel

various outputs here
Thanks for this, i've just tried it and unfortuently it does not work. It works with the controller, but the light does not come on. My guess is the light has broken, this is now my 3rd Chihiros 901.... anyone else having similar problems?
Ok this is strange.. so i decided to try the other ac adapter the original one, if i twist the output slightly in a specific way the light comes on and works as required. It has to be manipulated a certain way for it to get any power. this does not explain why my new one off amazon does not work though?

Why would the new adapter work and power the controller but not the light?