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Christmas '09 PFK - Planted tank stuff

George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
Subscribers should get it tomorrow (21st Nov '09).

It features a 40,000 litre planted tank, a nice Nature Aquarium Your Tanks feature, step-by-step ADA-style Iwagumi and ten tough questions about planted tanks and aquascaping set by me. Dan Crawford got 2 out of 10!

Should be a good issue for planted tank and aquascaping fans.

And any brackish goby fans? There's a step-by-step aquascape feature.
cool! sounds like good reading! did you write the step by step george? and when will it be in most good shops by? :thumbup:

I look forward to receiving my copy, one for the planted tank (how big) and two for the Goby info. I am having great success with Freshwater gobies in my Kitchen tank setup (stiphidon sp) they are great algae eaters.

George Farmer said:
Nice one, Andy!

Where did you get your FW gobies from?

Oh, forgot to mention - there's a feature on freshwater seahorses too! How cool would they look in a well-scaped planted tank?!

I got my FW gobies from maidenhead aquatics at Shirley, its one of the few places i have seen them, thing the manager likes them as he 4 or 5 different species. I have Red and blue

Freshwater seahorses! Now that would be seriously cool for my new tank!
I must check out the questions, see if I can beat that Dan fella :geek: (and make sure there are no mistakes :lol: )
Will any of these articles be put up on the website in the future ? Im asking because Im in Bombay right now and I cant pop into WHSmith and get a copy like I usually do :(
Best issue for ages!

Nice to see a return to decent planted tank coverage... :D

The 40,000 litre tank by Green Chapter is awesome.

George's step-by-step Iwagumi is beautiful with a great double page spread for the full tank photo. The write-up describing Iwagumi is really interesting too. It also re-inforces my love for ADA products. A full carpet of HC and hairgrass using just a few pots and no algae. No doubt it can be done without ADA stuff but it must help.

The "Are you as clever as George Farmer" questions are really obscure! I doubt many would even equal Dan Crawford's 2 out of 10!! Funny photo of George. :lol:

Paul Meelen's Your Tanks Nature Aquarium is really nice with some interesting questions and answers.

I see George has another planted tank feature next month - but it's marine!! :shh:

Keep up the great work, George. Inspirational, as always!! :clap: :thumbup:
George Farmer said:
Dan Crawford got 2 out of 10!quote]
Thats not technically true :oops: but man it's hard!

I got my issue on Saturday and it's really smart, loads of planted tank stuff for once :thumbup:

Some Farmer bloke has got some guppies or something in salty water or something or other, i don't remember :lol:

Well worth the money this month!
mine came today, shall settle down later with a cold one to have a read!