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Co2 & ferts??

foxfish said:
During the time the gas is being introduced through an atomiser there will be visible micro bubbles in the tank.
A well designed external reactor will dissolve the gas before it reaches the display tank so - yes the water, during gas on time, will be much clearer with a reactor.
However the atomised bubbles are extremely small & not particularly visible unless viewed from close up.

Thanks for that! Will look into an external reactor rather than diffuser then ;)
Co2 & ferts??

foxfish said:
Thing is Dave, growing plants underwater is not so difficult as it might first appear, granted there are some folk who have mastered the finer details of perfection & own pristine tanks but, most folk on here are just happy to see healthy plants growing without nuisance algae.
It does take a little experimenting however, the easy route is - use a pressurised C02 system, make sure the C02 gets into every tiny area of the tank, this is easily done buy using a full length spray bar just below the water surface & pointing at the front of the tank.
Introduce sufficient ferts, easily done with the EI system.
Supply enough light but think about using less light rather than more light to get good growth rather than algae, two tubes the length of the tank is fine.
50% water change a week once the tank is stable & perhaps additional water changes durring the first few weeks.

Those are the basics required for a hight tech planted tank with perhaps the C02 distribution being the key factor.
If you use an inline atomiser, these devices will produce a zillion micro bubbles that will clearly show the water movement within the tank. These bubbles really help when you start off & I would recommend using one before you go down the reactor route. (reactor don't allow the C02 to be visible in the tank & offer a much clearer view of the plants & fish)
i notice quite a few people use a spray bar!! Would a spray bar work 5ft long from a fluval FX5 any one do this???
Alastair said:
Yes mate I did just that, worked well too but me having a bow front flow didn't hit the sides well. It's really easy to do as long as the holes are relatively small to allow enough pressure the hole length of pipe
relatively small? like 3-4mm? and what colour tubeing did you use/find!! good to know there enough preasure from the FX5 shame it didnt work in the bow front
am i getting carried away now lol
Co2 & ferts??

No point doing things by half lol I Defo have dead spots even with with large power head running
Co2 & ferts??

Alastair said:
I find the twin outlets in the fx5s not great for big tanks. If not a spray bar then change the outlet to a single l bend running along the back the powerhead blowing along the front to get circular flow.

I can confirm that the single outlet works better than the double you get loads more flow from it.
Co2 & ferts??

Alastair ive just received my EI starter kiti have 4 shiny foil bags and two bottles!!
For some reason PM not working I've sent few messages now over last couple of days and none have come up in sent folder!! Weird!!