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Comple active substrate choice

Ryan M

25 Jan 2016
im planning on moving my Roma 90 back home and I'm wanting a substrate that will lower my ph that will be suitable for shrimp and also have a benefit for plants.

I have narrowed it down to ebi gold and Fluval stratum, mainly because I know that these don't realease ammonia. I might even add a small corner of sand.

Does anyone recommend these two subtracted or any others?

I know that Fluval Stratum is a good choice for shrimps as it is small and round, and also it's black in colour so that emphasises the colours of the shrimps too. The only minor downside to this substrate (and when I say minor I mean, I'm being extremely picky) is that if you are planting small plants such as the foreground variety, roots don't hold well to the substrate so it's a bit tedious at first planting using this substrate BUT eventually the plants will hold.

What about Eco-Complete? I've been hearing that's good for lowering pH and is beneficial to plants. From images, it looks like the size of it is rather small too so shrimps will also be fine with it.

I use UP Aqua Substrates for my planted tanks and I can safely say that it grows the plants incredibly well and works well with fish and shrimps. IMO I think all this ADA stuff is way overhyped and overpriced when you can get equal benefits using cheaper alternatives. Go for what looks nice in the tank and work with it. As long as you dose plenty of plant fertilisers using the EI way then you'll be fine.

I hope this helps,
thanks for your reply.

Did you purchase the up aqua substrate from co2art or did you use someone else?
I would look at tropica soil as well. Good size particles, black, no ammonia, lowers pH and kH and best of all it is great for plants

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