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escaping shrimps

Mr P

4 Oct 2011
NW london
hi all,i was having a cuppa this morning in my living room when the dog started taking intrest with something on the floor,she likes chasing and eating (yuk) spiders and assumed this was what she was doing.a few minutes later i gotup to see what was there,it was one of my new amano shrimps,it had got out ot the tank ,climbed dowm to the floor and was about10feet away from the tank,i picked it up off the carpet and put it back in the tank,it seems ok,are these wee beasties prone to doing this sort of thing?the dog looks p----d off i think see thought she had anew breakfast item,i keep trying to count the shrimps every few minutes now,bye for now, skankypup.
wow, wasn't planning on using the cover on my nano shrimp tank next week - not so sure now.

I bet good money your dog isn't so slow next time! :)
They're hard shelled, so unlike fish, they'd manage OK out of water for a bit - I've had the same, occasional cherry shrimp at the other side of the room from the tank!
hello, i have now taken an inch of water out of the tank,hope this stops breakouts,bye for now,skankypup. :lol:
Filling close to the top is a temptation but it creates a lot of issues with escapees and also causes a capillary action on glassware which results in water dripping out of the tank and onto the floor.
Just drop water level an inch if it's open top.

Doesn't stop snails unfortunately, been finding my nerite everywhere.
I've found a few dried out CRS on the floor in the past.

Once found a danio in the bin still alive too lol. No idea how it actually managed that, because the bin is under the desk.
i have bracing all round on the tank so i will have to watch the little buggers.i have dropped the water level but i suppose they could climb up the filter pipes,razor wire and electric fences are next on the list. bye for now .skankypup.