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Filter bacteria life if filter stops.


Fertz Calc Meister
1 Oct 2016
Hi All

Read a good article on it from Link in a thread, only trouble which one :mad::banghead:

Basically said the bacteria live when the filter is off longer than we think and also recover faster than we think.

What I was after was the link to the article some EXCELLENT poster did ;)

Many thanks if any one has it

Would like to know this myself as I came home today to my filter not working

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I would say oxygen would be the limiting factor. No fresh water through the filter the bacteria would eventually use it up and start dieing and pollute the water. It's recommended not to switch it on again without a clean so you don't pump all the dead crap into the tank. The bacteria are extremely hardy and survive in some very hostile conditions so I would say they could go some time before they all dies off.