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14 Oct 2007
I'm not sure what this plant is, I can't remember, got it from Dan couple years ago. and well, it's just grown massive of late, totally out grown the tank, but I have no where to move it at them moment, my bigger tank is cold water. I cut back some of the leaves today, and when I took the tank hood of, I discovered a flower!

So, just curious as to what it is.

(please, i know my tank is a mess, needs a lot of attention to make it look pretty - i just don't have the time at the moment)





far right
Looks like a sword to me. As to which one I do not know. Maybe Echinodorus Cordifolius as they have that leaf patterning.
Hi there, I'd agree it is definately an amazon sword. I don't think it would be cordifolius though as this usually has more heart shaped leaves and would probably have emersed leaves by this stage (speaking from experience :) ) I wonder if it mightn't be something like E. osiris perhaps? Based on the reddish new growth and dark green mature leaves. The flower stem will probably produce young plants on it too which will root into the water and can be cut off once they have reached a reasonable size. Your plant looks in very nice condition tho!! Who is the tiny submerged guy tho that looks like he's about to be sucked into the filter intake? :lol:

Hi, I would definitely agree with Andy on the Echinodorus Osiris (Red Amazon) as i had one years ago but it grew to large!
If you ever take it out, wait till you see the size of the root system on it!!

Cheers Steve
lol Andy, yeh darn TV!

It's proper massive, i don't know what to do, to big for tank..... :crazy:
mmmm perhaps a crane? :D . If I was wanting to remove a plant of that size though I'd probably rehouse the fish for a short time and syphon all the water out before trying to remove it. They root for England!! Or maybe that should be America?

the only tank i've big enough to house it is a coldwater tank. so i don't really want to move it.... can't... . dont want it to be chucked away o_O
Oh no, you can't chuck it away!! Throwing plants away is kinda against my religion! I always give lots to friends with fishtanks or I put them on the swap section on here. That's what it's for. Failing that, you could try trimming the leaves back a little. That might slow it down a tad. I'd just enjoy it! Amazon swords are wonderful plants, just a shame most of them get a lil bit carried away and either shade out other plants or send up aerial leaves.... Or more likely both! :)
oooh nonono. i dont wanna chuck it.. nooooooo... likes it, lots! i trimed leaves some just pre these pics. just need to have words.... 'whisper grow slow' a little ;)