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growbeam tiles

I had a look on eBay the other day and there isn't much on there at the moment. Do a quick search on the net under shopping there's usually few pop up if you buying new.
They now make the Grobeam 600 and Grobeam 1500 Ultima.

Urmston Aquatics and others sell those in U.K. AAP sells them in USA.

TMC Grobeams seem to come in waves on eBay, very few items then a glut but to be honest you can buy new units for nearly the same price, it's well worth asking for their best price. I phoned a well known online retailer sales department who were selling the 1500 Ultima for £134 & got another 15% off.
I got a gift from gumtree a few weeks ago. I don't think he knew what he had as listed as hydor wave control plus lights. I looked and couldn't believe the lights. 2 tmc ultima strips 1 small tile and bracket. And of course an 8 way controller all for bargain of 30quid. Rushed up there that night lol. But moral is keep watching and bargains do pop up if you can wait :)
And those on eBay must be second hand, so no warranty coming with them i presume.

If purchased new and registered they have 5 years warranty.

Hi all, I've not been around for a while but am about to set up another tank. I have 8 grobeam 1500 tiles and 2 8 way controllers from my old 'Triassic Hollow tank ( https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/tonys-triassic-hollow-420l-now-for-sale.11596/page-10 ) which I'll sell. They've not been used since I stripped that tank in 2014, and were all new warranty replacements from TMC in July 13 as the earlier ones each had a failed LED. Let me know if anyone is interested in any.